Welcome to Monemvasia

Monemvasia, the medieval gem of the Peloponnese invites you to explore its Byzantine buildings, its castle and taste local food and wine!

Length of stay: 3-7 days

Points of interest

  • Stay in a traditional mansion
  • Taking a stroll on the streets of medieval town
  • Watersports: Snorkeling, Scuba Diving, Sailing
  • Explore Kastania Cave and the Petrified Forest
  • Visit the The Larnaka Gorge
  • Strongyli Lagoon: a NATURA 2000 area, a stop-over site for migratory birds and rare flora
  • Walking routes
  • Visit the Riechia Folklore Museum
  • Visit the mansion Liotrivi(Oil mill)
  • Visit Monemvasia fortress
  • Taste the local wine and get to know the varieties include the Thrapsa, Mavraki, Asprovaria, Kitrinovaria, Kidonitsa, Petroulianos, Monemvasia, and Glykrithra
  • Taste local food like Monemvasia Saitia
  • Visit Ancient Asopos
  • Visit the Zarakas fortress

Getting there

KTEL buses connect Monemvasia with Sparta and Athens. You can find more specific information on

Flights from the International Airport of Athens, which operates all year round and receives internal and international flights. From Athens, visitors can go to Monemvasia by bus or rental car.

Flights from the closest airport of Kalamata and then by car or by bus(KTEL)

Independent Travel

Travel anytime

For travelers to Monemvasia I provide two options

I can book hotels & transfers in Monemvasia only, or

I can provide a full experience and include:

  • Hotel
  • Guided excursions each day, customized to your interests. Activities include:
    • Baking Bread
    • Enjoy authentic Mediterranean dishes
    • Hike through the vineyards and surrounding area
    • Wine tasting
    • Daily small cruise

*Due to COVID19 travel restrictions may change, you can check the following link for up-to-date information.

*All prices & holidays details are subject to availability on confirmation

*The above is a general overview of our inclusions. Each trip is different and the itinerary is based on season, traveler preferences and specific travel dates.

Air transportation to Europe and between countries not included.

I can help you make arrangements, but does not include tickets in pricing.

Recommended hotels and Villas

Likinia Hotel Monemvasia

Moni Emvasis Luxury Suites

Byzantino Boutique Hotel

Booking Information

Booking information

Contact at or call me

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